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Female Bantam AAA? Who is the League associated with?

The Alberta Major Bantam Female Hockey League (AMBFHL) was started to create a skill-support system for the growth and stability of the Female Midget AAA level of hockey. 

It is elite AAA hockey for females 13-14 years old.  

For the sake of sameness and stability, the Zones used in the structure of the Alberta Major Midget Female Hockey League (AMMFHL) are also used in the AMBFHL.

When did this League start?

The AMBFHL started operations in the 2009-2010 season.

The FBAAA program was made official at the Hockey Alberta AGM June 12-14, 2009 in Red Deer after a series of formal discussions involving an ad-hoc committee. 

Game play began in October 2009.

This Elite-stream program is modelled after Hockey Alberta's "Alberta Development Model". More info can be obtained from the HA website:

The administrative structure, will be looked after by the AMMFHL for each season. At some point in the future, if the FBAAA progresses with it's own Executive structure, that option may be open if it makes sense.


What is all this talk about 'Zones'?

The elite-stream teams play in 'Draw Zones', encompassing many Minor Hockey Associations.  This allows for the best players to have an opportunity to play among one another.  These zones are NOT the same as the ones used for Hockey Alberta's 'Team Alberta Challenge' or 'Alberta Winter Games' competitions.

The Female Bantam AAA Teams will be the same as the AMMFHL Zones

Female Athlete Development Model & League Draw Zones


How many teams are in this league?


  • St. Albert
  • Spruce Grove
  • Peace Country
  • Sherwood Park
  • Edmonton
  • Lloydminster

  • Southeast
  • Calgary (2 teams)
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Red Deer

Which team am I required to try out for?

See the "FEMALE ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT MODEL & LEAGUE DRAW ZONES" document above for a detailed list of cities and towns within each zone.

Registration usually occurs from April-June either online or in person at the local associations/clubs for the fall season.  Contact your local registrar for more information. Tryouts are held in August-September of each year in their respective Zones.  For contact information on the participating associations and teams, visit our LINKS page.  The AMBFHL is a travel league with teams traveling throughout Alberta most every weekend (from northern to southern Alberta) and therefore team fees are more expensive than mainstream hockey.  As well, at the elite level, a higher level of commitment is required of players with respect to increased practice ice time, off-ice/dryland training and team development.

Please review League Draw Zones or the "Non-Edmonton/Calgary Elite Player Movement Process" as posted on Hockey Alberta's website. 


When a player has been released from her tryout camp she has the opportunity to seek a second tryout with a second Bantam AAA team.   The player can contact HERNAN IGLESIAS (see 1st document below for contact info) to be directed to the second tryout based upon geography of the next closest draw zone and positional need. If they are released a second time they will then be directed back to their "A" local minor hockey association.


Hockey Alberta: Notification of Tryout Form

Taken from the constitution of the AMBFHL/AMMFHL
7) A player may play for a team outside her resident Local Minor Hockey Association or Draw Zone provided she is first released by the team from within her Local Minor Hockey Association and Draw Zone in the manner conforming to the Hockey Alberta Female Minor Player movement rules and regulations.

8) A player must try out for the team in her Local Minor Hockey Association or Draw Zone and be released from that team before she may try out for and play for a team in another Local Minor Hockey Association or Draw Zones.

9) A player who tries out for a team outside her Local Minor Hockey Association must have a Hockey Alberta Player Release and Permission to Skate Form completed by the team and the association's president within her Local Minor Hockey Association before any tryout with any other team. The President/Vice President shall establish the content of the form known as the Alberta Major Midget Female Hockey League Player Release Form as required from time to time.

10) A player released by the team in her Local Minor Hockey Association or Draw Zone must try out for the team in the next closest Local Minor Hockey Association or Draw Zone; if there is any dispute as to which Minor Hockey Association or Draw Zone is the next closest, that dispute shall be settled by Hockey Alberta whose decision shall be final.

What is the Playoff Format of the AMBFHL?

The Playoff format allows every League Team to participate.


The AMBFHL exists as a "feeder" League for the Albert Major Midget Female Hockey League.

In short, the Female Bantam AAA level was designed to be a support structure of skill development for Female Midget AAA Hockey in Alberta.

Having all Teams participate helps to accomplish part of this goal by allowing all Teams to participate in Playoffs for experience later on.

Each round is "Best-of-3-Game" format between two teams in which one team must win two games to win the series. If one team wins those two games, the third game of the series is not played.

The two last place teams in each of the North & South Divisions play one other to determine which Team will play the Team that finishes in First Place in the same Division.

In essence, which Team moves on to the 2nd Round?


For Example:

The 4th and 5th-place Teams of the North Division play against each other in the 1st Round.

The winner of this Round plays the First Place Team in the North during the 2nd Round, while the 2nd & 3rd-place Teams of the North play each other.

Winners of the 2nd Round advance to play one another in the 3rd Round.

This structure of game play is mirrored in the South Division.

The 3rd Round exists to determine the Winners of each of the North & South Divisions.

These winners advance to the 4th Round, where the "best" in of each of the North & South Divisions play for the Championship of Alberta.


What about Provincials? Do our Teams have Provincials to participate in?


The 4th Round of the AMBFHL Playoffs, where the "best teams that advanced" in of each of the North & South Divisions, play for the Championship of Alberta.

Calgary Outlaws
Calgary Rangers
Edmonton Lightning
Lloydminster IceCats
PAC Saints
Peace Country Storm
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs
Rocky Mountain Raiders
Sherwood Park TAHK Projects Royals
Southeast Tigers
St. Albert Raiders